Terms of Service

ZHUK ("UploadPik" or "we" or "our") operates on UploadPik.co.uk and UploadPik.com (the "site" and "service") provides free image hosting and sharing to users.
We allow adult content to be hosted on our service as long as the uploader marks the image as not safe for work ("NSFW"), We have the right to remove images or mark images as NSFW if not done so by the uploader.
We reserve the right to remove any hosted file without warning or notifying the uploader. This includes Malware/Harmful files, Nudity, Exposure, Grotesque, Copyright and images that invades the privacy of an individual or organization.
By uploading as a guest you cannot modify privacy/sharing settings of uploaded images, images uploaded by guests are automatically submitted into the gallery, this can be modified by contacting the moderation team or creating an account with UploadPik. Images will be linked with your UploadPik account as long as the use of Cookies are enabled on your web browser or your IP hasn't changed. Otherwise, editing rights to images will be lost
We do not limit bandwidth usage, however access to your image may be limited in extreme cases.
We do not delete images from our servers unless requested by the uploader, deemed inappropriate by the moderation team or reported via DMCA or Privacy Policy report.
We operate on a 5MB file size limit per file with the following file-types allowed: png, gif, bmp, jpg, jpeg. Guests can upload 5 images consecutively and can queue 20 images at once. Members can upload 50 images consecutively and there is no queue limit so your album can be dragged in for upload and left to do the rest.
By uploading to us you are sharing your personally identifiable information ("PII") and non-PII, this information is not passed on to any third-parties but will be provided to authorities if necessary for any Privacy Policy, DMCA or other legal reasons.
Attempting to bypass any of our security checks, hosting limits, etc.. could lead to the termination of your account with us and may result in an IP ban.