Privacy Policy

Effective as of January 22nd, 2015
ZHUK ("UploadPik" or "we" or "our") operates on and (the "site" and "service"), which allows members and guests (the "users") to upload images securely to our servers creating easy, yet secure online access to images with a unique private url shared by the you (the "uploader").
This Privacy Policy states UploadPik's rules and regulations in regards to use of personally identifiable information ("PII" including name and email address) and images that are stored on the service. UploadPik also collects non-PII information including IP address for security and tracking purposes.
UploadPik tracks non-PII information for every image view ("hit") this information is purged every three months. This information will be shared to the appropriate authorities if requested due to breaches of DMCA or Privacy Policy.
The site is a general audience site and UploadPik does not knowingly collect PII from children under 13 years of age. At time of registration to our site you voluntarily submit PII to us, guest hosting is provided to all users so PII is not a requirement of using this service.
By using our service you automatically agree to our Privacy Policy.
We allow users to request deletion of PII by submitting a request at although your PII will be removed from the live database it will remain in archive for three months for legal purposes.
We allow users to submit Privacy Policy takedown requests on images ("PPT") if the image is invading their privacy. Upon receiving a PPT, images are reviewed by our moderation team. By submitting a PPT you are providing us with PII. This information will not be shared with the uploader but may be used for legal purposes.
PPT submitted by and confirmed via email from educational email addresses (including: .edu,, government email addresses (.gov), via the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre ("CEOP") or via ChildLine are automatically suspended pending review from our moderation team.
-- ( Organizations interested in supporting the e-Safety of children can contact us on to be set up on our automatic image suspension system, this will allow you to suspend uploads that violate our Privacy Policy ) --